Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you confident with your smile? Would you like to enhance your appearance with perfect, even, white teeth? We at Grants House can provide you with all the possible options available and find which is right for you.

The following patient was unhappy with what dentistry had previously offered him, as you can see from the following photos. His teeth were initially whitened as they had been discoloured due to antibiotics taken as a child. Using an orthodontic brace the teeth were repositioned so two bridges could be made to replace the missing teeth. One discoloured crown was replaced and this was the result, which he was very happy with as it looked so natural.

Teeth Whitening

All teeth darken as the natural ageing process occurs. Few would disagree that a whiter smile lifts your appearance. It is proven to be a highly effective, safe and simple technique.

Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is better than cure. Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information and treatment that will help you maintain your teeth for life. From a diet analysis to prevent further decay, or a visit to our hygienist, simple steps can make a huge impact in preventing future problems.

Replacing Missing Teeth With Implants

We are delighted to offer implants placed by Philip Pettemerides, who we have previously been referring to for over 20 years.  He now has a weekly clinic at Grants House.

With today’s modern materials and techniques we can replace teeth that are lost. Implants are now considered the treatment of choice as a long term means of giving back the confidence of your original smile. A bridge or denture are other alternatives that you may wish to consider.  We would suggest you discuss this with one of our dentists to find out which is right for you.

This patient had a very mobile upper front tooth. It unfortunately required extraction and was replaced with an immediate implant placement with a provisional crown. Four months later the provisional crown was replaced with a definitive ceramic crown giving a good aesthetic and functional result without having to wear a temporary denture.

This patient suffered from poor aesthetics with a slanted gum line.  Their smile restored with a combination of crowns and implants.

This young sports teacher suffered a hockey accident with the loss of three front teeth. Two implants were placed and restored with a three tooth bridge made in an all ceramic material. He now wears a mouthguard!

This patient had a removable partial denture replacing many teeth. A fixed implant bridge was fabricated to improve the patient’s confidence and appearance.

Gum Disease

The majority of teeth are lost due to gum disease. It is responsible for bleeding gums and bad breath. Healthy gums are the foundations for healthy teeth. That is why we recommend regular visits to one of our hygienists. A hygienist can treat these problems, as well as instructing you on the most effective techniques to prevent its recurrence.

Childrens Teeth

Good habits start young. We have qualified dental health educators to teach your child the best method of keeping their teeth clean. Plastic coatings (fissure sealants) can be painted on the teeth to help prevent decay. Dietry advice and good tooth brushing technique are vital for future oral health.


We can offer the quickest way of straightening teeth with almost invisible braces. Here is an example below of one of our nurse’s.

We can straighten your teeth here at the practice. As well as treating children, many adults who may have missed the opportunity earlier in life choose to have orthodontic treatment now. Andrew Richards who worked at the Royal United Hospital Orthodontic Department for nearly 20 years will be able to assess you or your child’s suitability for treatment.

There are a number of options for  patients who wish their brace to be less visible. We can use white brackets or clear aligners. Please come in to discuss this with Andy Richards to see which would be most suitable.

 Orthodontics patients can have their costs spread over the course of treatment.

All these were cases were carried out at the practice by Andy Richards.

Anxious Patients

Are you missing out on the smile you always wanted due to anxiety caused by the prospect of having dental treatment. Come in for chat with one of our dentists to discuss the options available. Our professional and friendly team will find a solution to put your mind at rest.